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If you have a tour that you would like to add on to our website please feel free to get in touch with us. Walks Of India is open to partnerships with dynamic and creative thinking individuals who would like to showcase their part of the city or country to the world. 


Walks Of India needs YOU, if:

you wander the streets of your city or town even though you have nowhere to go

you love criticising your country but lunge at their throats when anyone else does it

you've gone to more progressed countries and lamented, 'why couldn't my country be like this'

you love your city or town

you look at the new concrete structures and find the old buildings so much more aesthetic

you take pictures of innocuous things, just because its part of our cityscape

you love indulging in adda on all things India

Just call, e-mail or come over and we shall have a serious discussion on where our country's tourism scenario is headed. ;-)

Chat with ya soon.

- WOI Team